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If you move abroad you will often be treated awfully by financial services firms, it's an unwritten rule. Banks won't want to give you a credit card or a loans, and insurance companies will simply charge you £100's more than they charge local born residents. 

We're here to make moving country more enjoyable and our mission is to empower people to move and live abroad by building accessible and intuitive products. We don't have sneaky fees, and we definitely won't rip you off because you weren't born in the UK.

Our first product, car insurance, will go live in 2018. You will be able to sign up in minutes, understand exactly what you are covered for and will find us offering the lowest possible price. 

Marshmallow was founded out of frustration. Alexander, David, and Oliver knew expats who were paying £100's of pounds more than they should have been and were compelled to solve the problem.

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